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Lifeguard Services

Getting Started

KristinWebCroppedCrystal Aquatics works very hard to ensure that we have quality lifeguards and managers at every facility. Before placement at a pool, each and every employee must go through a personal interview process.

We feel that this is very important because it allows us to get to know the individual before we place him/her at your pool. At this interview, the employee is given a brief overview of his/her responsibilities so there is no confusion once the season begins.

The lifeguard is told from the beginning that lifeguarding is a serious job that requires hard work and dedication. Our employees will tell you that we are very demanding employers, but the hard work is justly rewarded.


A Crystal Aquatics lifeguard must possess valid lifeguarding, CPR, and first aid certifications. If an employee is 16 years or older, he/she is encouraged to possess a current pool operator’s license.

The majority of our lifeguards are trained in-house by one of our certified American Red Cross instructors.  Throughout the spring and summer we are constantly running certification courses to maintain our large and well qualified lifeguard staff.  Please see our Training page for more information.

Our Most Valuable Asset

Our employees are our most valuable asset. With a strong lifeguarding staff and diligent supervision, we know that your swim season will be a success.

That is why we work so hard to attract and retain the best staff possible. A lifeguard that is motivated and enjoys his/her work is much more productive. At Crystal Aquatics, we offer many different incentives, to the lifeguards, to keep morale high and ensure a friendly work environment.


Each area supervisor runs contests throughout the season such as “Guard of the Week” and “Pool of the Week”. These contests are a fun way to motivate and reward our employees. Each contest has objective criteria and points are earned to determine the winners. Prizes have included tickets to National baseball games, movie tickets, concert tickets, gift certificates to restaurants, and gift certificates to popular stores.


The way to a lifeguard’s heart is through the stomach. Each pool receives lunch or other treats courtesy of Crystal Aquatics throughout the summer.  We also provide gift certificates for local restaurants to pools that have done an outstanding job so the staff can go out to eat together.  


Potential earning power is without a doubt the strongest influence when selecting a job. Crystal Aquatics has one of the highest pay scales in the industry, which helps us to attract the best and most experienced personnel.  Our employees always receive their paychecks on time and are paid for every hour that they work.  It is common practice among other companies to remove “breaks” from employee pay when the lifeguard has never left the facility.   

Another powerful incentive is our swim lesson program.  Crystal Aquatics does not confiscate money earned from swim lessons by our lifeguards. We allow our guards to retain one hundred percent of the profit generated from both private and group lessons.

It is important to us that our employees feel valued. We work very hard to promote a family atmosphere, which helps to build loyalty and keeps our good employees coming back year after year. If you are interested in working for Crystal Aquatics, please contact out main office or submit your application online.