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Swim Lessons

lessonsCrystal Aquatics is proud to provide group swimming lessons to the communities that we manage.  Crystal Aquatics primary responsibility is to provide a safe, controlled environment for young people to learn the fundamentals of swimming.  These services are only provided during the summer months.  All sign up and class information can be found at your local community swimming pool, please do not contact the Crystal Aquatics main office. 

Crystal Aquatics certified instructors provide four levels of instruction for group swimming lessons: Pre-Beginner, Beginner, Novice, and Advanced. 

Pre-Beginner – The objective of this class is to get the student acclimated to the water in a safe and controlled environment.  The class will be working on basic water skills such as submerging the head, blowing bubbles, instructor assisted floating and kicks.  The general age for this class ranges from 3 to 5 years old.

Beginner – The student should be able to submerge his or her head before entering the beginner level.  At this level the class will begin working on the basic fundamentals of swimming: floating, kicking, arm movement, and rhythmic breathing.  General age for this class ranges from 4 to 6+ years old.

Novice –In the novice class the students begin to refine their freestyle, and elementary backstroke.  They will be expected to work in deeper water and will be introduced to treading water and diving.  General age for this class ranges from 5 to 8+ years old.

Advanced – The advanced class is recommended for students that wish to improve their stroke technique and/or become stronger swimmers.  The class will work on a variety of strokes.  The student should feel comfortable in deep water.  General age for this class ranges from 6 to 10 years old.

Swim lessons will be provided if minimum enrollment requirements are met.